Postcard Art Show – Gallery 1988


Here is one of the four postcard designs that I had contributed to Gallery 1988’s Postcard Art show which is currently running. The Show features artwork presented in postcard form based on Popular Culture from movies, video games or Books.

I opted to base my designs on A Clockwork Orange since I felt that the subject matter would work great with the simple art style I had in mind.

The four postcard designs are available both from gallery 1988’s location and in their online store:

Scott Balmer "Ultra-Violence" Postcard Print

Scott Balmer "Kat Lady" Postcard Print

Scott Balmer "Korova Milk Bar" Postcard Print

Scott Balmer "Unexpected Visit" Postcard Print

They are just a bit of fun which can be used to send to anyone via the post or as the means of decorating your workspace.